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Average Charges for Common Hospital Procedures

The following tables provide estimated charges for the top inpatient and outpatient procedures by service line at 网上买球软件 Medical Center. The estimates are based on average patient charges that were incurred for the given time period. The estimates are updated quarterly using the average charges from the prior quarter. The tables provide a guidance to estimate the hospital’s charges for each listed service. Please note this table is not a substitute for the CMS Hospital 价格透明度 requirements effective January 1, 2021. The CMS Hospital 价格透明度 files are located at the following page: Calverthealthmedicine.org/Charge-Master-Dictionary-Price-Transparency.

Please note that these figures are only estimates. The actual charge for your hospital service may be higher or lower based on factors specific to your case. The factors include but are not limited to your length of stay in the hospital, the complexity of your medical condition, and the state of Maryland pricing regulations. If you have questions relating to your scheduled service, please contact the Patent Access Service Center at 410.414.APPT (2778) 或免费电话 1.855.414.APPT (2778). If you have already received services and have questions about your hospital bill, please contact our Patient Financial 服务 department at 410.535.8248.

The estimates reflect 网上买球软件 Medical Center charges only and do not include physician or other provider fees. In addition to your hospital bill, you may receive bills from multiple physicians for their services, including but not limited to: anesthesiologist, hospitalist, 病理学家, 放射科医生, 心脏病专家, 急诊室医生, and other specialists who participate in your care. If you have questions regarding the bill for their services, please contact the individual provider.

See the current average charges for 网上买球软件 Medical Center

Physician and Other 服务 Not Billed by 网上买球软件 Medical Center

Listed below are physician services not billed by our hospital. It includes a contact number for each area of specialty. 网上买球软件 Medical Center 金融援助 Program does not cover these services. We urge you to reach out to these providers for their financial assistance programs.

Emergency Room Physicians (US Acute 护理 Solutions) - 855.687.0618
放射学 (American 放射学 Associates) - 800.255.5118
Hospitalist 服务 (Adfinitas 健康) - 443.949.0814
美国救护车 - 301.952.1193
探索诊断 - 800.638.1731
Anesthesia (North American Partners in Anesthesia “NAPA” ) - 833.402.0575
病理 - 800.492.5153
Durable Medical Equipment (Grace 护理, LLC) - 410.586.3126
实验室公司 - 800.859.0391